Thursday, January 14, 2010

New tunes on the blog

Changes on the blog. I'm revising a new concept for the blog, as you can read in the changed about me section on top.

From now on I will, post my ideas on the blog, since I have internet almost 22/7(approx. 2 hours of transport a day) I'm able to do this. And as soon as i get my hands on my new phone(from the end of Feburary, I hope) it will become 24/7.

Theese ideas, what are they? A normal day in my life is laid out as follows. Wake up in the morning, go to the university, go to lectures and have exercise lessons afterwards, then I go home. When coming home I usually cook dinner and work on my assignments, when not working on assignments i read and do a bit of hobby development.
So where does this lead me? In my everyday I encounter different obstacles, instead of thinking of them as obstacles I think of them as challenges - challenges that has to be solved. So I come up with an idea and then I start designing a little and then when I have to focus on some other thing I forget all about it, until I encounter this challenges the next time.
"I have a very short attention sp.. ohh look, baseball" - Unknown*
I've decided that all these ideas have to go somewhere, and this is where the blog comes in. In the future I will post these ideas to my blog. But - theres always a but - I haven't figured out yet how to "protect" my ideas, in other words I need to find out which license to put on my blog posts, should I choose a single license for the whole blog or should i tag each post and choose different licenses for each idea. And this is where my journey this morning started, reading licenses, until i found out that I would need a person with a deeper understanding of the terms used in the actual license papers. If you are that person I would love to hear from you!
Until I have decided upon a matching licenses model for the blog, the blog will be inactive. But i will keep on writing, just only as drafts.
Thats all for now. Have a great day.
*If you know where this quote comes from please drop me a comment.
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