Friday, January 15, 2010

Getting up-to-date(How to upgrade netbeans on ubuntu)

So sitting this evening/night trying to find out how to update your Netbeans on ubuntu, since the ubuntu repositories dosen't provide it yet. Same as with many other products you would like as a developer.

It should be noted that Netbeans can coexist with earlier versions(in my case 6.7.1 and 6.8)

*EDIT* As you can see in the comments this is not the official way of doing this - Perform the following at your own risk, I will gladly try to help in the comments section but no warranty is guaranteed.

So down to business enough talk.

Go to Tools->Plugins

under the tab "settings" you should find different items, they should be named something like: Netbeans, Third-party and Netbeans beta.

You should edit each of these items accordingly to the version you need. In my case I had to change the urls from:

After editing each entry the plugin manager should check for updates, and as of writing there were 2 updates after this procedure. I updated these and when I restarted Netbeans I checked for updates and had a whole bunch.

I hope this will help somebody out there as lost as I am on the netbeans website.

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