Sunday, September 20, 2009

A new begining

Wow, I've started to study at The Institute of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen(DIKU - danish: Datalogisk Institut på KU) on my way to a bachelor in Computer Science(of course, DUH).

So what is happening with these geeks running around Copenhagen?

well for starters we took of to Jutland, near Herning. We had one great tour, some great instructors who was able to tell us a great deal of whats going on at the university but at the same time what is important in a more academic perspective. And with a little bit of drinking at night, we also had a lot of fun. All in all we as a group grew together, and are now enjoying some wonderful lectures and exercise lessons.

So back to Copenhagen, bam and study started! First lecture Monday morning nine'o'clock, Introductory Programming(IP), with one at the same time funny, and learning speaker, Jakob Grue Simonsen. And later our lecturer in Discrete Mathematical Structures(DiMS) Søren Eilers, who sounds a bit like Jakob Stegelmann(Danish game critic, from a program called Troldspejlet), but as he told us this week, he is the leading expert in lego combinations, and besides that has a great insight into computer science as a mathematician.

About a week ago we had a special guest, Harry Pierson from microsoft, talking about IronPython and the Dynamic Language Runtime. These two talks was very interesting and now that i have my "old" laptop as a playground/Development and testing environment, I am defiantly

As for the academical part:
In IP we have learned about basic structures: integer, real, bool, char, string, tuples and lists. And learned some basic algorithms for sorting(buble sort) and calculating the factorial and the power.

In DiMS we have learned about prime factoring, calculating with numbers in different bases and looking at them as a factor and a rest. We have also looked at sets, operations on these and basic logic(many will maybe recognize this "=>" as the one with strangest behavior).

Since my start, on the 31. of August, I have had a great time with all those geeky people. Who, according to my girlfriend, are more social than many others.

Tomorrow I will begin at my fourth week of the study, which means that I'm about half way through the first block of courses, next up will be Linear Algebra and Object Oriented Programming and Design, in 4-5 weeks.

Now I will be focusing a little on my probably "first year project", an AI called homo economicus, a rational thinking mechanism designed to play monopoly the optimal way, or maybee something more simple.

This was it, have a great time till next time.

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