Tuesday, May 5, 2009

WOW - Long time no posts

Hey out there.

Starting my new line, writing english and enjoying the way i can manipulate and invent inside this language instead of the strict frame of danish. It's a bit like going from XHTML Strict to HTML5.

So what is up? Why haven't I been writing. Simple answer, bussyness. The more complicated one:
At the moment I'm workig on three major assignments in school, so why haven't I finished them long ago? for one obvious reason, I'm in a group and as you know, no group is faster than the slowest member(or maybee that's modified). The two others? well, pushed back until I got the hang on their due date. So what am I up to? study study and study, and the some more study. Or I could... study.

Uhh yeah besides studying, I'm watching a couple of series, HIMYM, 24(ATM 2nd season), Big Bang Theory, Fringe and some others.

And while you are at it check out Rune RK's latest:

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