Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pacman short usage

Finding pkgs:
    pacman -Ss | less

Removing pkg:
    pacman -Rnsu

    pacman -S

Do YOU need more short commands? Put them in the comments and I'll follow up.

PS: I know this is written from the blogger interface - my own is broken :(


Nicolai Willems said...

Ahmed came with some input on G+.

-c when removing, to cascade and remove all dependencies.

pacman -Qt, to list all installed packages.(usually piped into a file, since these lists get large!)

and last but not least 'pacman -U' to install local packages(who does that anyway? :P)

Ahmed Al Aqtash said...

You install local packages when you need to downgrade!
Or if you build a package manually from AUR :)

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