Tuesday, April 17, 2012

LaTeX lists

After hitting it off with LaTeX for a while now, I have gathered a collection of normal goto places(the ones that show up first in my google searches). And I would like to share them with you, therefore the following list.
But first a word on the sites, they are not complete references, nor static structures to support your work, rather they are dynamic places where you can search information on specific problems and find like-minded people.

I present to you, The list:
If you have some nice resources yourself - please add them in the comments and I'll add them to the post in a "Externals" list.
That's about it. Have a great day.
PS: This is another ugly post, I'm sorry, the blog editor is still in the making.

0 - initial
1 - Added comment on adding links in comments
2 - Added ctan to list
3 - Added "how to tex" to list
4 - (28/08 2014) Added AoPS math symbols
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