Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time - Exam and development

Last Friday(Jan 22) my exam in Object Oriented Programming and Design(OOPD) was released. Interesting assignment, due on the coming Friday(Jan 29). We are supposed to create a maze game, where you(the user) or the computer(based on an algorithm) direct an Explorer through the maze to a goal.

Why is this interesting? I tell you, as a developer[1] I see challenges instead of problems - challenges to be solved. And this was an easy task, because you had a recipe. But when you don't have one, for example with OAS thats a real challenge. So thats why I alongside with designing and developing OAS is writing a paper on the software development cycle. It's called "The four phases of software development" and is a personal guide on how to run development - but as with the blog, I'm releasing it to the public, at the moment I find Lulu[2] the best, since I've found a lot of the information I'm searching in general on Lulu.

Also I'm writing a follow up post on the original OAS post - with some litterature I'm reading.

As a side note I'm looking for a footnote "plugin" for blogger(be it browser-, offline- or web-based - fx an editor(on/off line) any good suggestions?

[1]= I prefer developer over programmer or software engineer - see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zEQhhaJsU4
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