Sunday, February 7, 2016

Weeklies 1 - Writing a wrapper API

At the moment I'm trying to get moving on a small project, it's called DigiKreds(Yes, like DigiMon, but instead of monsters it's for local Scouts organisations, in danish "Kreds").

The first thing to note, is that we recently got access to a new system for handling trip-invitations and payment( And I got access to their API description, ya great customer service.

First of all, my language of choice is Javascript, so its going to be a node module. Second, I would like the interaction to be as clean as possible, meaning that you should configure the module once and then use the methods provided. And speaking about methods, the API is sort of REST, which is nice. But then again, this is no advanced system, thank you developers :-).

So I got off to writing some code, which was the goal. Wee, lets hope I can push myself to do something similar during next week, and suddenly "a wild language binding appeared". For now the code is just a bunch of failing tests and no actual outside world calls, so its nowhere near being public, but in a short few iterations its going to be.

While looking into this, I started my internal monologue about RPC vs REST. There are certainly cases where RPC makes more sense, or at least its easier to implement. Just thinking about the classic calculator example, do you POST to the add-resource, or how? Please feel free to leave a comment on this topic, I'm eager to learn.

Weekly 2: documentation

EDIT: Remove sign-of and add link to following article

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