Friday, May 3, 2013

An app idea, pre configured cooking timer

Today I was making coffee and I had this idea about an app.

Because making coffee is a "long" process, you most often don't want to stand and wait for it to finish. So what if you could just once record the time it takes, and then next time you make coffee you just press the "I'm making coffee"-button, and your phone will beep when coffee is ready.

For my coffee "machine"[0] it takes about 11 minutes, another thing is the coffee machine at work and a third thing could be boiling an egg.

It could replace your good old cooking timer[1], and save you the trouble of turning it too little to make a loud and clear ring.

Letting the ideas flow, I thought you could make it such that a picture of what you are "timing" would be a sufficient lookup. Such that the flow would be something like, take a picture of coffee maker, stop timer when coffee is done, next time you make coffee you just snap a picture of the coffee maker and voila it starts the timer. I'm no image-recognition guy, so I have no idea if this is feasible on a regular smartphone, but sure seems like a nicer way, instead of having to either type or scroll through a list.

The idea is of course up for grabs, if anyone feel for making such a thing. I would be proud if you mentioned this post.


[0]=One like this:

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