Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Adventure with LFS

In this post I will explain what I'm doing this time in my vacation. A rather interesting project I think.

So LFS, what that? It's Linux From Scratch, building your own Linux, all from the bottom.
It has been my dream for ages to do this, and right now, I'm doing it. At the moment I'm compiling gcc second pass.

It really feels good, even though it sounds intimidating. A little History:
First I booted up a virtual machine and attached the Arch live ISO, but it didn't have GCC, and after hours of downloading packages I died a little. Then I took my good old laptop(IBM Z60m) and installed a fresh Arch Linux, with everything needed to get online, and everything needed for the LFS build(The host system requirements).

And off I went, until I encountered my first doubt, and thought OH NOES! and I was thinking a hell lot, until I remembered IRC, went online joined the LFS channel on freenode, saw that LFS has its own IRC-Network, connected and asked my question. These people are more helpfull than the ubuntu channel on freenode. So don't worry, theres a lot of help out there.

You can check it out at I'm planning on setting up me webpage, which have been bad and not really existing for a long time. And then publish a source and a patch list, which I will try to keep up to date. Besides that I'm thinking of a build script, that automates the process. But first I will compile and make my own system, then we'll see how the build script looks.

If you have already started compiling, then theres only one thing to say: Happy compiling fellow LFS'er.

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